Corn Hill Navigation Board of Directors


 Board Members 2019




Fran Gotcsik,  Chair

Parks and Trails Consultant

Patti Donoghue, Vice Chair

Community Volunteer

Tom Hack

City of Rochester

Zachary Erskine, Secretary

Seneca Financial Advisors




Joshua Bates

HN Precision

Melisa Beauchesne-Ellis


Lynn Buehlman

Lynn Buehlman Design

Roger Brown

AIA Community Design Center

David Carpenter

Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center

Wayne Goodman

The Landmark Society of Western NY

Kevin Kelley

City of Rochester

Greg Marshall

Visit Rochester

Henry McCartney

Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery

Margaret Riter

Think LLP

Maggie Symington

Community Volunteer

Dr. Lisa Wing

Genesee Community Charter School


Edward P. “Ted” Curtis

Founder, Corn Hill Navigation

For more than half a century, Ted Curtis applied his energy and talents to professional endeavors ranging from counter-espionage to canal boating. Through his leadership in many Rochester area organizations.Corn Hill Navigation, George Eastman House, Center for Governmental Research, Center for Environmental Information, Monroe County Legislature Commission on the Future of our Waterways, the Rochester Sesquicentennial, and more.Ted demonstrated boundless dedication to protection of our community’s heritage and natural resources, particularly the Erie Canal and Genesee River.

As a result of his dedication and success with the Sesquicentennial, Ted was asked to lead the Greater Rochester Visitors Association, where he served from 1987-1990. Shortly thereafter Ted founded Corn Hill Navigation and launched the 19th-century replica packet boat Sam Patch. It was the first docking of a commercial vessel in downtown Rochester, New York in thirty years.

Ted Curtis witnessed – and influenced – the evolution of Rochester’s waterways from polluted eyesores to sites of recreation, education, economic development, and historic preservation for this and future generations.

Ted is the recipient of many awards paying tribute to his efforts. He will be fondly remembered and terribly missed.