Downtown Rochester is teeming with new energy and excitement, and your help today, can ensure the Genesee River is part of the great things to see and do in the heart of our city!

Rochester is on the rebound, as evidenced by the significant interest and investment in commercial and residential development taking place, and the number of people moving into or visiting downtown. Little of the activity includes the Genesee River, which is literally the heart of the city.

But Corn Hill Navigation (CHN) is doing something about it, by reintroducing a vessel onto the Genesee River in downtown Rochester, that will join its sister ship, the Sam Patch on the Erie Canal in Pittsford.   Our new Genesee River vessel will support efforts to revitalize Rochester by increasing waterfront foot traffic, stimulating additional business activity, and adding to the vibrancy of the city’s central core.

CHN just launched a $350,000 fundraising campaign with the support of business and elected leaders, to introduce a 49-passenger “interim” vessel in downtown Rochester as early as fall 2018, followed by a permanent 60-plus passenger vessel as market forces dictate.

You can play a role in bringing “Rochester’s Boat” to the Genesee River too! CHN is asking its network of fans and customers to help make the new boat a reality by promoting our campaign on Facebook and Twitter, and giving today.

The new boat will provide Rochester City School District 4th-graders with water-based classroom experiences, offer citizen science programs to high school students, and include entertainment cruises and charter tours to customers from Rochester, the Finger Lakes region, and all over the world. And this one-of-a-kind floating experience will create another memorable marketing tool for the area that connects with the city’s core.

By donating today, you bring us one step closer to reintroducing a vessel on the Genesee River at Corn Hill Landing, and bringing life back Rochester’s central waterway. Individual donors will receive social media recognition, and be listed on the CHN website and in a new dockside display. And contributions are tax deductible!

Simply click your mouse to add your name to the founders of “Rochester’s Boat,” and help ensure our region lives up to its full economic, cultural and historical potential. Thank you for joining the campaign for Rochester’s Boat, whether you give $10, $50, $100 or more!

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