We are excited to report that the campaign for Rochester’s Boat is in the “quiet fundraising phase,” but significant progress is being made. As a reminder, CHN is seeking to fill a critical regional void, launching a campaign to bring a boat back to the Genesee River, which has been without a vessel the past four seasons. CHN will commission a new 49-passenger boat to be docked at Corn Hill Landing, serving residents, visitors, businesses and our most important passengers – the students of the Rochester City School District – to begin drawing people back to the river.

Nearly a third of our $350,000 budget has been raised, which will allow CHN to purchase a new vessel and fund the first few years of operation. Progress would not be possible without the Ted and Claire Curtis family, who made a $50,000 donation in Ted’s name after his passing this year. Corn Hill Navigation board members committed another $35,000, and our first campaign email netted several thousands of dollars in just a few days. Our goal is to have a boat on the river by fall 2018. And we will purchase a larger, permanent vessel as market forces dictate, which will provide greater capacity, an open upper deck, historically appropriate appearance and flexible interior spaces.

CHN is committed to bringing a boat back downtown, generating excitement, creative programming and user-friendliness to the Genesee River waterfront. With your help we won’t have to live in San Antonio, Chicago, Chattanooga or Buffalo to enjoy a vibrant waterfront!

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